Refund policy

1. Under the following Refund Policy, the Buyer has the right to receive: 

a) a replacement product if the acquired Product had any flaws or did not match the description; 

b) a refund of the purchase price if a replacement cannot be provided; 

1.1. By contacting GameTraderHub through the Platform's Support section, the Buyer can request a replacement Product or a price refund. 

1.2. GameTraderHub will use all commercially reasonable efforts to resolve a refund-related complaint as quickly as possible. In any case, within 14 days of receiving the customer's complaint, GameTraderHub will respond to the Buyer, who is acting as the consumer, on the issue. The money will be returned within seven days of verifying the complaint. 

1.3. The Buyer will not be eligible to earn benefits if they violated the Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, committed fraud, or abused the Refund Policy. GameTraderHub has the authority to revoke any refund that has already been given to Buyers who have violated the Terms & Conditions or committed fraud against GameTraderHub. 

1.4. The sale price refund will be given as a money transfer to the original form of payment. The payment amount equals the net sale price that the Buyer paid. 

1.5. The Buyer has full access to and use of the Refund Policy at the time of Product purchase. 

1.6. The Buyer may use an out-of-court complaint and redress mechanism, including the one provided on the European Commission's platform, which can be accessed at this URL: This platform was established for consumer online dispute resolution under Regulation No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and the Council of May 21, 2013. 

1.7. Nothing in this section excludes or restricts the use of the legal safeguards that apply to interactions with consumers.