The Last of Us Part I

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Humanity has fallen under a rapidly spreading virus that turns an entire species into bloodthirsty beasts. There is no cure, and anyone can get infected. To restrict the disease, survivors live in closed communities under the supervision of the military. It is where Joel's desperate story begins. The smuggler escorts young Ellie to the headquarters of a rebel group. The two will have to traverse the entire United States, avoiding the infected and other humans. 


The Last of Us PC title is a third-person action-adventure game focusing on exploration, stealth, combat, and looting. But there's also a touching storyline that engages from the very first minutes of gameplay. You will play as Joel, but you can also expect a cameo from Ellie's point of view.

Explore a devastated world, collect equipment, acquire better weapons and discover the following chapters of this beautiful story. The remake introduces improved AI of enemy characters, so it's crucial to plan your actions and decide whether to fight or avoid confrontation. The developers removed the multiplayer but added two extra modes - speedrun and permadeath. You will also discover the Left Behind expansion dedicated to Ellie's relationship with her best friend. All these improvements, enhanced object physics, detailed landscapes, and realistic animations create an unforgettable experience. And if you're a PlayStation 5 user, have fun with an even better immersion with controller vibrations and surround sound.

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Platform: PS 5

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