Atlas Fallen

Platform: Xbox Live

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The beautiful desert land is home to many adventurers and wanderers. But this once peaceful place is now experiencing dramatic changes. The wicked gods will do whatever it takes to oppress innocent people. Only the bravest heroes can save this glorious world!


Atlas Fallen game is an addictive action adventure in which you will become one of the most mysterious heroes endowed with divine powers. Create your dream hero and explore this mesmerizing open world! Learn how to use shape-shifting weapons, glide dunes, and collect essence to develop mystical skills. You will encounter many powerful enemies and fantastic creatures that will pose quite a threat, so get ready for a legendary battle and proceed to fight giant bosses. Each encounter is a unique experience requiring effective strategy and the use of some surprising moves. Enjoy your epic parkour skills in dynamic gameplay set in a breathtaking land and discover its many secrets to restore once-lost peace. The fate of this world is in your hands, but if you want, fight for its better future in multiplayer co-op.

Key features:

Play a brand-new action-RPG from the makers of The Surge

Create the ultimate hero to confront the ancient evil gods

Explore the world and discover its ancient secrets

Battle mighty bosses and bloodthirsty beasts to gain essence and develop divine abilities

Play solo or in multiplayer with another player 

System requirements

Platform: Xbox Series X/S

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System requirements

Platform: Xbox Series X/S